Become a webcam model

webcam modeling

If you are here is because you want to become a webcam model. If that´s right, I have some information that could be useful to you.

In the last few years, webcam modeling has become one of the best ways to earn money online.

More and more people are interested in webcam modeling, and that´s because you can earn lots of money easily from home. Internet gives you access to the homes of millions of customers. You only have to gain their trust and build your own list of regular customers who will want to see you everyday.

How do you get that ? Easily, show yourself as a fun, extroverted person, and you´ll get them.

First thing you wanna do is to build a sexy profile in the cam site of your choice. But some spicy pictures, along with some text talking about how you are, what you like to do, sexual preferences, etc.

Webcam Modeling is all about being naked in front of the webcam. That´s what almost all the customers want. But before that, you have to take the customers to your private chat, because is there where the big bucks are.

So first, use the free chat as a way to attract customers. You have to tease a lot in free chat. Show a bit, but not too much. One nipple here and there, for a very short time. A sexy dance, a fun conversation, and you will be in control.

Just keep doing it for a while, and eventually, someone will want to take you to private chat.

Another way to earn money is through tips in free chat. You set an objective, for example: Show tits=100 tips. Tips have other names, like tokens, gold, etc. Depends on the cam site you work with. As I said, you set an objective, to force customers to reach it if they want an action from your part. That way, if no one takes you to private chat, you´ll earn money, not as much, but money nevertheless.

These are the basic strategic tips that all models apply when working.

You have to do the same, and twist them a bit. Offer some paid photos on Facebook or Twitter. Build a list of followers and you´ll be able to monetize everything you do.

With these easy tips you´ll be making money in no time. Trust me, I did the same.