What is the easiest cam site to make money on?

easiest cam site

visit chaturbate

Well, i have no doubts about it. I have worked for several years for many different cam sites and since i started working for Chaturbate, one of the best cam sites, my life has changed for the better. I cannot believe how easy it was so start working there. After sending my ID and some pictures for my profile, they only had to verify my age, and then i could start earning money right away!.

It´s without a doubt, the easiest cam site i´ve ever used. And thanks to the incredible amount of users it has, making some money was piece of cake. Even though i´m a veteran performer, i´m not an expert by any means, but one thing i´ve learned is that you need to be extremely cheerful, and make the guys have a good time.

During my first days as a cam girl, i was trying to work countless hours with no success. One thing a friend told me is that you don´t have to work when you feel tired. Only when you feel up to it. And i have to say she was damn right. If you work when tired, your potential customers will know and you can say good bye to your tips.

Personally i work in shifts, 1 or 2 hours max, take a break, and then i come back later.

That way i´m always fresh and ready to roll.

I think the ideal time you have to work as a cam girl is about 5 hours a day. But no more.

As i said, not for working more hours you will earn more money. It´s all related to the quality of your show. Keep that quality as high as you can and you´ll be rewarded.

And remember to work at peak hours if you can. Normally that would be from 8 PM if you leave in Europe and 18 PM if you leave in States. Of course you can earn money anytime of the day but i found out that i do better if i work in the nights.

Don´t waste more time and sign up for Chaturbate. I’m sure you will like it as much as i do.