Which cam site should i choose?


One of the first problems a webcam model encounters in her/his career is the hard decision of choosing a cam site. Right now, there hundreds of cam sites, with different features.

Our recommendation is to choose a site with a lot of traffic. Traffic is money. You don´t want to be in a site with a few regular customers, even if they pay more for every minute in private chat. It´s better to be in a camsite with less pay per minute but lots of traffic, because that traffic can be converted into money, in a more frequent basis,

Today, there are quite a few sites, that feature things called “Tokens”. Think of it as tips. Models can get them in free chat as a way to get a common objective. If for example no one takes you to private chat, you can always set your own rules about tips. For example “100 tokens= show tits”, 500 tokens=naked 1000 tokens=sex with my boyfriend”. You can put that message as the title of your channel, so every member can see it. If they like you, and enjoy your show, they will start giving you some tokens, that will lead to the final objectives you set earlier.

That´s a cool way to earn money, not as much as you would earn in private chat, but nevertheless, good money that comes in handy.

So, remember, traffic is key. Other features are also welcomed. HD video, a good and easy to use interface are also a bonus.

There are several cam sites that fit our demands,  but we recommend you the best webcam jobs. They will recommend you the best cam site available right now. And the best part, is that there are no look requirements. Anyone can apply. No matter if you are man, gay, fat, lesbian, thin, straight, trans, etc.  Also no experience is required.

So, what are you waiting for? I encourage you to fill out the form and start working asap. You won´t be disappointed.best cams site




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