Which is the best private chat cam site?

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There are many private chat cam sites out there. Streamate, Jasmin, Sexole, Sexywebcam… too many to quote here. I can tell you my experience. I’ve worked with Streamate, Myfre Cams and Chaturbate, and personally, i think Chaturbate is the best. Their customers are more willing to pay and i’ve made lots of money there. You have to be disciplined and serious about the job, but if you are, and you know how to bring people to your room, you’ll earn money quickly.

In fact, to me it’s quite simple. Here’s what i do. Switch to free chat mode and try to talk to the audience. You have to show as a kind, chatty girl. Then you can always dance a bit. People browsing the main page, will see you and will enter your room. Then it’s up to you to convince them to pay a private or at least to tip you. I don’t think you need much else to be honest. You can start directly naked, but it’s up to you. There’s not a magic formula.

I’ve always masturbated online and i think it’s what works best. Men cannot stop looking. The best part of private chat is that if you bring more than 1 people to your room, you’ll get all the money from them all, not just one. I remember once time, where i had like 15 guys in my private room. I think i made 800 dollars in a few minutes.

If you are a bit lost, i recommend you to pay a private. Yes you heard that right! It’ll be pricey, but if you pick a girl with good earnings, you’ll learn how she does it, and then you’ll be able to apply the same techniques on your show.

So, what are you waiting for? I think Chaturbate has everything you need to become a great webcam model. They pay twice a month and always timely. I’ve never had a problem with them in that regard. My advice is sign up now and try your best.

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What is the easiest cam site to make money on?

easiest cam site

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Well, i have no doubts about it. I have worked for several years for many different cam sites and since i started working for Chaturbate, one of the best cam sites, my life has changed for the better. I cannot believe how easy it was so start working there. After sending my ID and some pictures for my profile, they only had to verify my age, and then i could start earning money right away!.

It´s without a doubt, the easiest cam site i´ve ever used. And thanks to the incredible amount of users it has, making some money was piece of cake. Even though i´m a veteran performer, i´m not an expert by any means, but one thing i´ve learned is that you need to be extremely cheerful, and make the guys have a good time.

During my first days as a cam girl, i was trying to work countless hours with no success. One thing a friend told me is that you don´t have to work when you feel tired. Only when you feel up to it. And i have to say she was damn right. If you work when tired, your potential customers will know and you can say good bye to your tips.

Personally i work in shifts, 1 or 2 hours max, take a break, and then i come back later.

That way i´m always fresh and ready to roll.

I think the ideal time you have to work as a cam girl is about 5 hours a day. But no more.

As i said, not for working more hours you will earn more money. It´s all related to the quality of your show. Keep that quality as high as you can and you´ll be rewarded.

And remember to work at peak hours if you can. Normally that would be from 8 PM if you leave in Europe and 18 PM if you leave in States. Of course you can earn money anytime of the day but i found out that i do better if i work in the nights.

Don´t waste more time and sign up for Chaturbate. I’m sure you will like it as much as i do.

Which cam site should i choose?


One of the first problems a webcam model encounters in her/his career is the hard decision of choosing a cam site. Right now, there hundreds of cam sites, with different features.

Our recommendation is to choose a site with a lot of traffic. Traffic is money. You don´t want to be in a site with a few regular customers, even if they pay more for every minute in private chat. It´s better to be in a camsite with less pay per minute but lots of traffic, because that traffic can be converted into money, in a more frequent basis,

Today, there are quite a few sites, that feature things called “Tokens”. Think of it as tips. Models can get them in free chat as a way to get a common objective. If for example no one takes you to private chat, you can always set your own rules about tips. For example “100 tokens= show tits”, 500 tokens=naked 1000 tokens=sex with my boyfriend”. You can put that message as the title of your channel, so every member can see it. If they like you, and enjoy your show, they will start giving you some tokens, that will lead to the final objectives you set earlier.

That´s a cool way to earn money, not as much as you would earn in private chat, but nevertheless, good money that comes in handy.

So, remember, traffic is key. Other features are also welcomed. HD video, a good and easy to use interface are also a bonus.

There are several cam sites that fit our demands,  but we recommend you the best webcam jobs. They will recommend you the best cam site available right now. And the best part, is that there are no look requirements. Anyone can apply. No matter if you are man, gay, fat, lesbian, thin, straight, trans, etc.  Also no experience is required.

So, what are you waiting for? I encourage you to fill out the form and start working asap. You won´t be disappointed.best cams site



Become a webcam model

webcam modeling

If you are here is because you want to become a webcam model. If that´s right, I have some information that could be useful to you.

In the last few years, webcam modeling has become one of the best ways to earn money online.

More and more people are interested in webcam modeling, and that´s because you can earn lots of money easily from home. Internet gives you access to the homes of millions of customers. You only have to gain their trust and build your own list of regular customers who will want to see you everyday.

How do you get that ? Easily, show yourself as a fun, extroverted person, and you´ll get them.

First thing you wanna do is to build a sexy profile in the cam site of your choice. But some spicy pictures, along with some text talking about how you are, what you like to do, sexual preferences, etc.

Webcam Modeling is all about being naked in front of the webcam. That´s what almost all the customers want. But before that, you have to take the customers to your private chat, because is there where the big bucks are.

So first, use the free chat as a way to attract customers. You have to tease a lot in free chat. Show a bit, but not too much. One nipple here and there, for a very short time. A sexy dance, a fun conversation, and you will be in control.

Just keep doing it for a while, and eventually, someone will want to take you to private chat.

Another way to earn money is through tips in free chat. You set an objective, for example: Show tits=100 tips. Tips have other names, like tokens, gold, etc. Depends on the cam site you work with. As I said, you set an objective, to force customers to reach it if they want an action from your part. That way, if no one takes you to private chat, you´ll earn money, not as much, but money nevertheless.

These are the basic strategic tips that all models apply when working.

You have to do the same, and twist them a bit. Offer some paid photos on Facebook or Twitter. Build a list of followers and you´ll be able to monetize everything you do.

With these easy tips you´ll be making money in no time. Trust me, I did the same.